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Jason R. Keifer, MD, LLC

Our clinic offers a comprehensive, solutions-focused approach to challenges faced by children, adolescents, and adults.  Dr. Keifer strives to define a specific treatment plan that has value to each patient, family member, and/or significant person who may be in a caring and supportive role to the patient.  The evaluation and intervention process accounts for the complex interaction of home, school, neighborhood, and culture in which you live.

Our clinic strives to identify each patient's unique psychiatric, behavioral, cultural or social experience and our outcomes-based approach strives to restore the balances of these experiences in each patient's life.  Dr. Keifer's goal in treatment is to address the emotional or behavioral condition in the patient, while respecting every family's cultural values or practices.  Using proven treatment that combines evidence-based practices and therapeutic intervention, Dr. Keifer emphasizes enhancing each patient's strengths and resources in order to explore opportunities for change.

While many patients are treated without the need for medication, when medication is indicated, Dr. Keifer has years of experience utilizing psychiatric medications in a manner consistent with patients' values and needs. Additionally, our clinic offers access to state of the art pharmacogenomic testing which allows for a more personalized approach to medication.

Dr. Keifer is committed to providing services to children and families in Hawaii and the region, and has provided services to patients form around the world.