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Everyone is unique, no two brains are the same even if they're experiencing similar symptoms, which is why our clinic is committed to improving brain health, functioning and performance by providing access to advanced, personalized diagnostic and treatment protocols.   We use a cutting edge assessment process that allows us to analyze the pattern of brainwaves, constructing a 'map' of your brain functioning and communication, helpful and unhelpful, to be used for personalized treatment decisions and goals.  Pairing your unique brain pattern and functioning with neuro-functioning & neuro-performance testing and state of the art physician-verified predictive diagnostics, Dr. Keifer will provide you with a customized approach to achieve optimal brain health, functioning and performance.

Our personalized approach provides a more objective diagnostic and predictive alternative to conventional medical, psychological and psychiatric assessment.   

Your brain impacts and regulates every organ system in your body (muscle, heart, immune, stomach, hormone, skin, etc.).  Healthy brain functioning leads to a healthier you at every level, including relationships and performance.  Whether you are interested in optimizing performance or restoring health, contact Dr. Keifer at 554-5688 to achieve your goals.  

Our Personal Approach to Treatment is:


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