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 A new approach to brain health and function
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Insomnia (Poor Sleep)

"The shorter you sleep, the shorter your life span"


"The physical and mental impairments caused by one night of bad sleep dwarf those caused by an equivalent absence of food & exercise"

                            -Matthew Walker, Professor of Neuroscience at UC Berkeley, Sleep Expert


Research and clinical experience has shown a night of fragmented, non-restorative, sleep can have a serious negative impact on your skin and immune system, leaving you in the short and long run more vulnerable to infections and cancer.  It affects your mood and ability to handle stress, physical strength, memory and critical decision-making ability.  Less than optimal sleep is like leaky plumbing in your home, it will eventually spread and impact essentially every aspect of your body.  

Restoring your sleep cycle can improve your physical and mental performance and reduce your risk for serious diseases including infections, obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety and even dementia.

Our personalized approach to brain health improves sleep in most people who complete a full course of treatment.


Non-invasive.  Non-pharmaceutical.  Pain Free.  


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