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 A new approach to brain health and function
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Menopause & Perimenopause

Dr. Keifer's Brain Health Center provides advanced techniques and treatment for women experiencing symptoms of menopause and perimenopause.  

Read the testimonials of some clients who underwent successful treatment with the help of Dr. Keifer.

-"Since turning 48, I thought sleeping 5-6 hours was my new normal and waking at 3am with fragmented sleep was just a part of getting older.  I was in denial about how much this lack of sleep was affecting me and my family, coworkers on a daily basis.  After the first week of treatment, I slept 10 hours straight through with no night sweats.  Over the second week of treatment I had more nights of solid 7-8 hours of sleep and no night sweats - I felt like my normal younger self.  My energy levels have improved and when I wake up I am alert, feel refreshed and focused without the need to reach for caffeine.  And I think I might even be looking younger.  I am truly getting beauty sleep.  My ability to go to sleep and shut down the internal endless 'to do list' is more quiet allowing for more restful sleep.  I look forward to experiencing the continued benefits of this treatment - my husband says he can see and feel the "old" younger me from before this whole menopause transition.  I am so grateful for this treatment from Dr. Keifer and so is my husband and family."


-"The fog has lifted and I have more clarity and focus."


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