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 A new approach to brain health and function
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"Mommy Brain" (Post-Partum Irritability, Sadness & Worry)

Pregnancy can impact a woman's general cognitive functioning even after giving birth.  This postpartum adjustment is commonly referred to as 'mommy brain'.  Symptoms of 'mommy brain include word finding or memory problems and a sense of absentmindedness, proneness to anxious thoughts and feeling irritable, low energy, and non-restorative sleep.  


Dr. Keifer's Brain Health Center seeks to help mothers restore their mood, relieve anxiety and restore sleep through non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical and pain-free diagnosis and treatment. 

One of our clients said:

"I can now get things done without feeling like I'm worrying about everything else that's on my plate.  Ever since having children, I never thought I could get back to feeling like how I felt before becoming a mom.  Thank you"


Restore your mood, get restful sleep and relief from persistent anxiety or worry.


Our Personal Approach to Treatment is:





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